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What is Dragon Age Day?

Dragon Age Day is a fan-created holiday that celebrates all things Dragon Age! It is a day where we come together as a community to thank all of the game developers, artists, and creators who have brought Thedas to life, where we share art and stories and all sorts of Dragon Age-inspired creations, and where we channel all of this energy into raising money for charity.

This year's selected charity is AbleGamers. If you would like to know more about this organization, please visit the AbleGamers website.

More information about our fundraising campaign will be added soon!


Past Years' Campaigns

2018: Raised over $7,000 for Child's Play

2019: Raised nearly $8,500 for Able Gamers

2020: Raised over $14,000 for NAACP Legal Defense Fund


Participating Celebrities Have Included

Alix Wilton Regan

British Female Inquisitor's Voice Actor
Steve Valentine

Alistair's Voice Actor

Jon Curry
American Male Inquisitor/Zevran's Voice Actor

Sumalee Montano

American Female Inquisitor's Voice Actor

Allegra Clark

Josephine Montilyet's Voice Actor

Corinne Kempa

Leliana's Voice Actor

Inon Zur

Composer for Dragon Age:Origins & Dragon Age 2

Patrick Weekes

Lead Writer for the Dragon Age Franchise

Karin Weekes

Lead Editor at BioWare

David Gaider

Former Lead Writer for the Dragon Age Franchise

Alec Newman

Sebastian Vael



Dragon Age Day was founded in 2018 by:

Teresa M

Angela Mitchell



Ghil Dirthalen


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