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Charity Submissions

Please fill out this form to submit your donations for the 2022 Dragon Age Day charity fundraiser in support of Trans Empowerment Project.

What type of art or item are you submitting?
Physical Commission or Craft Item

You may skip this section if you are not offering a physical item. Note: Artists will be responsible for any shipping costs for physical rewards.

Please describe your physical commission or craft item: Type of commission/item, donation amount, how many, etc.
(For example: Offering 5 plushies at $15 each and/or 10 soaps at $5 each)

Please provide a link to the item(s) offered, and/or an example of your physical commission(s). Separate links with a comma (i.e.,, etc.)

Digital Commission

You may skip this section if you are not offering digital commissions.

Please describe your digital commission: Type of commission, donation amount, how many, etc.
(For Example: Offering 10 chibi at $15 each and/or 3 couple's commissions at $30 each)

Please provide a link to an example of your digital reward / work here.

Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, I confirm that I am the artist and this is my own work. I agree to let the UDAD team post images of my work, properly credited, to their social media channels and website. I acknowledge that if I donate any physical rewards, that I will be responsible for shipping costs. I understand that if I commit to donate a reward that is not fulfilled, I will be barred from future participation in Dragon Age Day.

Your message has been sent!

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