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Welcome to the Submissions page. Please read the rules for submissions below carefully! Happy DA Day 2019!!!

Fan Art / Writing Submission Deadline is 11:59 PM November 20, 2019 (More info on charity submissions coming soon!!)

To Donate, or purchase submissions from the DA fan community:
To submit art or commissions for fans to purchase with all proceeds going to charity:

To submit fan art or fiction: https://forms.gle/ihN8uYB2B9WATDQq6
To submit for How Did Dragon Age Change You:
Fan Art / Writing and How Did DA Change Submissions, November 20, 2019.
Charity Sale Art & Commission Submissions, November 27, 2019.

Click banner below or here for How Has DA Changed You? Sumbissions

Submission Rules:

  • Please keep the art & writing all-ages-friendly and PG-13 (no nudity or graphic violence).

  • Please feel free to sign/credit your art clearly to discourage theft or piracy.

  • We'll also feature a Gallery showcasing various submissions.

EVERY OTHER FRIDAY we're accepting your fan art and fanfic  submissions for sharing with the Dragon Age fandom as part of  our buildup to the Unofficial Dragon Age Day 2019!! Please click one of the the banners for #FanArtFriday above or #FanFicFriday  below and fill out the form to share your work and love of all things Dragon Age with the fandom via social media! Bare your blade, and raise it high!!!

Learn more about The AbleGamers Charity on their website!
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