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Streamer Form

Please fill out this form if you would like to participate in the Dragon Age Day 2022 Tiltify fundraiser in support of Trans Empowerment Project.

By submitting this form, you will be added to the Tiltify as a team member where you will be able to create your own sub-campaign with your specific stream-related donation rewards. Your stream events will be listed on the Unofficial Dragon Age Day website and/or promoted through our social media along with our other events.

Stream Content Category

(Evil Warden playthrough, First playthrough, fan art commissions for donors, etc.)

Terms and Conditions
  • We ask for no racism, sexism, ableism, or LGBTQ+ phobia, either on-stream or in chat.

  • If it's a first time through a game, please call it a spoiler-free run (or first playthrough) instead of a blind run.

  • Please do not use mods that straightwash canonically gay characters (Mods that make Dorian or Sera bi), or mods that whitewash characters (Make Isabela, Vivienne, Dorian, Fenris, Zevran, or DAO Alistair lighter-skinned).

  • Please follow all Twitch TOS and Community Guidelines as required of all Twitch streamers.


Failure to comply with our terms will result in being removed from the fundraiser and loss of any future participation in an Unofficial Dragon Age Day fundraiser. Checking yes indicates you have read and agree to our requirements we ask of our streamers participating in the Unofficial Dragon Age Day 2022 Tiltify fundraiser.

Your message has been sent!

We are no longer accepting streamer applications for this year.

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