Bare your blade, and raise it high!

We're here to celebrate all things Thedas. Join us! The unofficial world "Dragon Age Day" Celebration will take place on December 4, 2020!


This effort is to unite fans and celebrate the world of Dragon Age, with zero negativity or fandom toxicity. We hope you'll join us to celebrate the many hard-working, creative and talented BioWare team members who contributed so much to all three games.

We'll be adding more here in the days to come, but as noted, our celebration activities will include:

  • Writing, Art & Meme Celebrations

  • Writing Prompts and Challenges

  • Art Prompts and Challenges

  • Twitch Live Streams

  • Dragon Age Fan Videos

  • Dragon Age Fanfics

  • Dragon Age Memorabilia Auctions and Giveaways


And much more! All donations, auctions, and other activities will directly benefit AbleGamers.


Learn more about them here!

The absolutely unofficial Dragon Age Day 2020 is for the fans by the fans through the volunteered time, contributions and hard work of the following contributors: 




All volunteers are not associated or affiliated with BioWare in any way.

All original graphics courtesy of @CaptainSavvy.

All screenshots courtesy of BioWare

How to get in touch with us: (Twitter, Facebook; Tumblr; E-Mail:

History of The First (unofficial) Dragon Age Day!!!

The unofficial Dragon Age Day celebration first began December 4, 2018 thanks to the hard work of the Original Six volunteers:



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